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4 advantages and disadvantages of taking automatic driving lessons Sheffield

Many pupils wonder what the advantages and disadvantages are of taking automatic driving lessons Sheffield over manual driving lessons. Sheffield is a major city within the UK and thousands of its residents decide to take automatic driving lessons every day.

The 4 advantages of taking automatic driving lessons Sheffield are:

  1. Taking automatic driving lessons in Sheffield means that you don't have to deal with changing gears in the car. Learner drivers in Sheffield face complex situations every day and the situations become a lot easier without them having to analyse the road and change gears accordingly.
  2. You learn quicker when taking automatic lessons because you don't have to learn how and when to change your gears at situations you may meet on the road.
  3. Most cars now have automatic models so you're able to drive any car you wish! Taking automatic driving lessons in Sheffield doesn't limit you to the type of car you can buy which is a major worry to some people.
  4. In an automatic car the gears change at the appropriate times and therefore you will rarely over-rev the car and waste fuel. It's a lot easier and less stressful to drive an automatic car because it does all the thinking for you. Analysing the road in front and thinking what gear to select no longer becomes an issue and that's why a lot of people take lessons in Sheffield in an automatic car.

The 4 disadvantages of taking driving lessons in an automatic car are:

  1. Once you have passed your test in an automatic car you don't have the option to drive a manual, you're bound to driving an automatic.
  2. An automatic car will use around 10% more fuel than a manual drove properly. This is down to the way the car is made and there's nothing you can do to stop this. Some of the newer automatic cars are fitted with constantly variable transmissions which helps fuel consumption slightly making the gap between automatic and manual cars around 5% fuel consumption difference.
  3. It has been said that pupils who learn in a manual car are better drivers because they're made to analyse the road around them in order to change gears at the correct time. However this isn't always the case and you should always be analysing the road whether you're driving an automatic or a manual vehicle.
  4. Driving an automatic car can make you become a lazy driver because you only have to press the accelerator and brake which makes your awareness of the road lessen. On your driving lessons in Sheffield you're taught to always be aware of your surrounding whether driving a manual or an automatic vehicle.

It's down to the pupils personal preference whether they want to take automatic or manual driving lessons, there are pros and cons for learning to drive in an automatic as there is for learning in a manual vehicle.

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